“Bring Sekinchan’s freshness and local taste to your dining table”
So, let us provide the fresh seafood and local cooking method to you.

We are from Sekinchan, advantaged here abounds fresh seafood every day so that eating fresh seafood is a matter of necessity.

We are a combination of fishermen and restaurant chefs. After the return of our fishing boat, we will select fresh seafood first hand, clean and refrigerate, independently vacuum package, and match it with chef’s elaborate and special local seafood sauces and a series of cooked food. It skip the supermarket, wholesalers, restaurants, to provide the best prices of local fresh seafood to customers. let you felling that at town as like visit to the Sekinchan restaurant, simple delicious seafood meal by Freshman Seafood provide.

We emphasize of “focus on fresh, heart service” as the core value, everything to customer needs as the center. We hope that through professional standards and unremitting efforts, can save time for customers which to buy or stay in the supermarket and compete with others, and also can eat the fresh seafood and a series of products without added any chemicals so it is more conveniently and safely.

We wish to promote “the high and fresh quality seafood to our customers”, and bringing the freshest catch of Sekinchan to your doorstep.


If you “like to eat” and “haven’t eaten” Sekinchan’s seafood, please note!